How We Tripled Galaxy Kayaks’ Social Media Engagement in 31 Days.

Galaxy Kayaks

Galaxy Kayaks is an ecommerce company with a headquarters in Spain and distributors in 8 other European countries. They sells quality fishing kayaks at affordable prices.

Their goal is to build a powerful social media presence and engage their existing followers.


Hobby & Recreation


15-20 Employees


Oliver Fileti


3x'd their Facebook group engagement.
Almost 2x'd their Instagram engagement.

Galaxy Kayaks is an ecommerce company that sells quality fishing kayaks at affordable prices. They asked us to help them grow their social media presence.

We tripled their Facebook and doubled their Instagram engagement in 31 days... And we’ll show you how.

“I had too much on my plate. I needed extra support!”

Galaxy Kayaks has headquarters in Spain and distributors in eight other European countries.

This makes for a complicated social media strategy. The headquarters team produces content that is then translated to eight languages and posted on the local social media pages of each country. And then there are the brand’s main social media pages.

Oliver Fileti

Marketing Director,  Galaxy Kayaks

Oliver Fileti, the marketing director who oversees marketing efforts in nine countries, did his best to grow Galaxy Kayaks presence on social media.

However, as his role in the company expanded he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t sustainable, and that things needed to change.

“I knew that in order to build an engaged following on social media you had to post content regularly and interact with your followers.

I realised that due to my other responsibilities I wasn’t going to be able to give social media management the time and attention it requires.

I had too much on my plate. I needed extra support!”

Oliver reached out to us at the end of September, 2018 and we started working together at the beginning of October, 2018.

What Were The Results After One Month?

Here're the results that we were able to achieve on their Facebook group & Instagram account. 

To clearly see the impact, we're comparing the stats of October (our first month with them) to September (the previous month). 


SEPTEMBER, 2018 (previous month)

As you can see in September, Galaxy Kayaks Facebook group had 43 posts, 71 comments and 746 reactions.

OCTOBER, 2018 (our first month)

However, in October it had:

108 posts (140% increase, we published 60 of them, the other 48 posts are from the community members),

216 comments (151% increase, this is where we tripled their engagement rate) and

1,767 reactions (114% increase), which is pretty significant given that we were able to achieve these numbers in one month.


Here’re the November’s Facebook group stats:

We are able to maintain the stats up there, with a 6% increase in content posted by the community members (we still posted 60, 2 per day) and a 14% increase in reactions.


Let’s take a look at Instagram. Oliver was trying to keep up with it, but ultimately he didn’t have the time which is why he stopped posting on Instagram altogether in September, 2018.

Because Instagram won't give us any stats if there is no activity, we are comparing our first month October, to AugustHope that doesn't confuse you.


5 Months Overview of Follower Engagement.

AUGUST, 2018 (previous month)

The total number of likes Galaxy Kayaks achieved on their Instagram account in August were 6,315 and with a total number of 55 comments.

OCTOBER, 2018 (our first month)

We managed to significantly increase the numbers by:

9,837 likes (55% growth) and

124 comments (125% growth, where we almost doubled their engagement rate).

The average likes per post and the average comments per post suffered a bit, but it’s because we were new to their audience. Few posts worked and a few didn’t, one of our posts received almost 526 likes and there are others that didn’t receive so much love.

As we continued posting and figuring out what their audience like and dislike, we were able to understand them better and refine our content strategy.

That’s a part of the learning curve.



(update, added November stats)

One of the key performance metrics we track is the number of organic followers we were able to generate.

In October and November, we were able to attract 555 new followers to Galaxy Kayaks' Instagram page with an average of 10+ new followers every day.

The maximum number of followers we attracted in a single day is 22 and it was on Oct 21st, 2018. We were able to figure out what ticked those 22 people to follow and are implementing the learnings already.


Before us, the publishing schedule of GalaxyKayaks was irregular, with an average of 16 posts per month.

AUGUST, 2018 (previous month)

In August, Oliver posted an average of 0.81 posts per day, which is okay for maintaining a page, but it’s not enough for growing the page.

OCTOBER, 2018 (our first month)

We posted an average of 1.81 posts per day in October which is a posting frequency that is twice they used to have and much more favorable for growth.

We also re-purposed old Galaxy Kayak videos by editing them into 30-second video bits and posting them on their Instagram page. Bringing in video content to their mix.


3 Things We Did To Increase Galaxy Kayaks' Social Media Engagement.

  • 1
    We took the time to understand their target audience, men between the ages of 26 and 40 who love fishing and kayaking. We built their customer avatar for them and produced content that connects with those people.
  • 2
    We used Galaxy Kayaks existing video, photo and graphic content, posted kayaking photos with inspirational slogans and fishing humor, mixed in some promotion of Galaxy Kayaks products along the way.
  • 3
    We posted every day without any exceptions (1-2 times per day). We determined that their target audience was most active on Facebook at 11AM and at 6PM GMT and on Instagram at 11AM and 12AM GMT. Then we simply posted our content there at these times. Every single day.

We also monitored their Facebook group and Instagram profile and responded to replies, comments and questions as quickly as possible.

All this took Sprout Ninjas team around 14-18 hours per week which means that by the end of the month we had put 56 - 72 hours of work into growing Galaxy Kayaks following on Facebook and Instagram. 

“It’s a weight off my shoulders!”

Now that Sprout Ninjas team manages Galaxy Kayaks’ Facebook group and Instagram page, all Oliver has to do is check his Trello board (our project management app) once a week, give us feedback, and approve the content that we have produced for him.

Oliver Fileti

Marketing Director, Galaxy Kayaks

It’s a weight off my shoulders, both in terms of the workload and peace of mind.  Now I know that our company's social media management is taken care of and I can fully focus on other important tasks. 

Sprout Ninjas helped me become more productive and I’m very happy with the results so far!

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Praveen Telu

Founder - Sprout Ninjas