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Sounds great, right? But wait…
It’s going to get better.

What about a test drive? YES!

Try us out for 7 days and see if we deliver.

To give you a better idea, In these 7 days we will:

  • Create and publish 7 posts (1 per day) on your Facebook page or group + one network of your choice (Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin).
  • Re-size each post (photos, videos) to suit that particular social media channel.
  • Use highly relevant hashtags on your posts on Instagram or Create & manage 1-niche specific pin board and pin these posts on it.
  • Respond to comments, DMs & brand mentions you get.
  • Analyze your post engagement and show you which posts on which platforms are your top performers - and why!

Here’s the breakdown of the 7 posts we’ll create during the 7-day trial.

3 Product Promotion Posts

We take 3 top performing products of yours and create 3 posts for each of them.

These posts increase product awareness among your followers & they include:

  • A high-quality product photo. 
  • A graphic and 
  • A photo + graphic with “buy now” text.

3 Niche Specific Posts

These posts attract new audience & they include:

  • Niche specific quotes, 
  • Niche-specific information, instructions, 
  • Comparison of your competitor products, 
  • Funny lines and 
  • Things that attract engagement.

1 Testimonial Posts

Testimonials are a great way to build trust.

We select the best 2 testimonials you have, design them and post them on your social media channels.

At the end of the trial, we will send you 1 report, which details you what we did and how your audience responded.

We will also report you on which posts worked great and which posts didn’t, the reasons for that and the results (likes, shares, comments) we were able to generate during the trial period.

Is The Trial FREE?

The 7-day trial to manage your Facebook + one network of your choice is completely free.

But obviously, we only have a limited number of spots open for the trial. There are only so many clients we can handle and still keep our work at the highest standards.

If you don’t want to turn down your potential customers, and instead give them the final push they need to confidently place their order, you need to act fast to snap up an available slot. 

Click on the button below and

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