Our Clients


Oliver Fileti

Marketing Director

Galaxy Kayaks

It’s a weight off my shoulders, both in terms of the workload and peace of mind. Now I know that our company's social media management is taken care of and I can fully focus on other important tasks.

Sprout Ninjas helped me become more productive and I’m very happy with the results so far!

Aleksandar Stanisic

Chief Marketing Officer


The first thing that I like the most about Sprout Ninjas and Praveen is their communication. They're always available and helpful.

The second thing is the simplicity of their process, all I did is to fill out a simple questionnaire, and they came up with some fantastic social media posts a few days later.

How easy can that be?

Tristan Pelligrino


​Motion Agency

We have really enjoyed putting some of our social efforts on autopilot. Images, quotes, scheduling - they’ve handled it all to ensure our communication is consistent.

I like taking care of the images as well. That’s a nice touch.
And using our platform of choice to schedule the posts.

Case Studies

How We Tripled Galaxy Kayaks’ Social Media Engagement in 31 Days.

RESULTS: 3x'd their Facebook group engagement. | Almost 2x'd their Instagram engagement.