Increase & Engage Your Social Media Followers Every Single Day.

We are a team of experienced social media managers, who can double your social media engagement rate in 30 days.

Consider This - What If You Were Wasting Your Ad Spend Every Single Day?

You spend thousands of dollars on paid ad campaigns with Facebook & Instagram to send traffic to your store.

However, your potential customers who have a strong intention of buying from you will all do this ONE thing before buying.

They’ll check your social media accounts.

Now, let’s assume that the latest post made on your social media accounts was 3 months ago, you don’t have any significant following and an average of 9 random likes on your existing posts.

What kind of a message do you think you are sending out to your potential customers?

When they see that you’re “actively” running ads, but not “actively” trying to connect with them via social media, it sends them a signal that you are in there just for their money and not to understand or solve their problem.

A very dangerous message to send out, especially if you want to grow a brand.

That’s why big brands maintain engaging social media accounts. They send a very positive signal that the brand DOES want their money, but only after understanding or solving what their customers want.

Not the other way around.

But what if that same customer checks out your social media profiles and finds out that you’re very active? 

Your latest posts were just a few hours ago; you are consistently putting out useful content and hundreds of people are liking, commenting them.

Won’t that build trust in your business? Isn’t that the final push your potential customers need to go ahead and confidently place their orders?

That would be great, right? But who has the time and resources to be active on all major social media channels and post engaging content every single day?

You need a graphic designer, content writer, and someone who can manage both of them. In addition, this person also has to ensure that you approve each post before it gets published.

Guess What? We Can Help You.

Guess What? 

We Can Help You.

We are a team of experienced social media managers who know exactly how to build your following, increase their engagement and make your accounts look stunning.

Our team of top-notch designers, creative content writers, and managers are experienced in building and managing huge social media accounts.

Here’s what you'll get each month.

  • Manage your Facebook page or group + Instagram or Pinterest or Linkedin Account.
  • Create 30 unique pieces of content per month.
  • Post once a day, for 365 days a year.
  • Re-size each post (photos, videos) to suit the social media platform.
  • Promote your products every week.
  • Prepare your followers for your next special deals/offers/product launches. So when you launch them, you’ll have people who are ready to buy.
  • Increase your followers.
  • Increase your follower engagement.
  • Weekly 1 Instagram story of the best performing posts.
  • Use highly relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts.
  • Respond to comments, DMs & brand mentions you get.
  • Analyze your post engagement and show you which posts on which platforms are your top performers - and why!
  • Weekly reports showing you what’s happening. You’ll be informed at every step of the process.

Oliver Fileti

Marketing Director, Galaxy Kayaks

It’s a weight off my shoulders, both in terms of the workload and peace of mind. Now I know that our company's social media management is taken care of and I can fully focus on other important tasks.

Sprout Ninjas helped me become more productive and I’m very happy with the results so far!

Sounds great, right? But wait…
It’s going to get better.

What about a test drive? YES!

Try us out FREE for 7 days and see if we deliver.

To give you a better idea, In these 7 days we will:

  • Create and publish 7 posts (1 per day) on your Facebook page or group + one network of your choice (Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin).
  • Re-size each post (photos, videos) to suit that particular social media channel.
  • Use highly relevant hashtags on your posts on Instagram or Create & manage 1-niche specific pin board and pin these posts on it.
  • Respond to comments, DMs & brand mentions you get.
  • Analyze your post engagement and show you which posts on which platforms are your top performers - and why!

Here’s the breakdown of the 7 posts we’ll create during the 7-day trial.

3 Product Promotion Posts

We take 3 top performing products of yours and create 3 posts for each of them.

These posts increase product awareness among your followers & they include:

  • A high-quality product photo. 
  • A graphic and 
  • A photo + graphic with “buy now” text.

3 Niche Specific Posts

These posts attract new audience & they include:

  • Niche specific quotes, 
  • Niche-specific information, instructions, 
  • Comparison of your competitor products, 
  • Funny lines and 
  • Things that attract engagement.

1 Testimonial Post

Testimonials are a great way to build trust.

We select the best 2 testimonials you have, design them and post them on your social media channels.

At the end of the trial, we will send you 1 report, which details you what we did and how your audience responded.

We will also report you on which posts worked great and which posts didn’t, the reasons for that and the results (likes, shares, comments) we were able to generate during the trial period.

Is The Trial FREE?

The 7-day trial to manage your Facebook + one network of your choice is completely free.

But obviously, we only have a limited number of spots open for the trial. There are only so many clients we can handle and still keep our work at the highest standards.

If you don’t want to turn down your potential customers, and instead give them the final push they need to confidently place their order, you need to act fast to snap up an available slot. 

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