Expert Social Media & B2B Lead Generation from $100/month.

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How We Tripled Galaxy Kayaks’ Social Media Engagement in 31 Days.

RESULTS: 3x'd their Facebook group engagement. | Almost 2x'd their Instagram engagement.

Why Us?

Customized Content

Social media thrives on unique content that is customized to your audience.

Merely sharing other industry-related content isn't going to cut anymore. 

That's why we create content, instead of just curating it.

Content Re-purposing

We rely on your existing brand material to create content for your social media.

While having blog posts is a plus, it's not mandatory. We can use any of your existing content like:

  • Testimonials
  • Case-studies
  • Customer videos
  • Product/service videos
  • Help text/images/videos
  • Documentation/policies
  • Your website copy/graphics
  • Lead magnets etc.

To produce high quality customized content.

Creative Copy-writing That Gets Results

Messages that go along with your posts are as important as the visuals themselves.

The sole purpose of a social media visual is to get your viewer to read the message and take action.

We have highly-creative copywriters designing those messages to encourage your viewers to take action.

Actions like commenting, sharing, liking the post, or even visiting your website or making a purchase are all possible with excellent copy.

Monthly Review Calls

At the end of every month, your account manager and you will sit for a call to discuss what happened and plan for the next month.

These review calls will help us to understand how your business is growing and the impact your social media accounts are making on your business. Your feedback and inputs during these calls will help our team to improve and plan out the next month's posts.

These calls are so important; they're mandatory. When you commit to your social media's growth, you commit to 30 minutes of monthly review calls.

Are you ready to make social media outsourcing work for you?

Take this quick 1-minute quiz to find out. 👍😍

Channels We Support

Facebook pages, personal profiles and groups.

Instagram personal,  business profiles.

Linkedin personal, company profiles.

Pinterest profiles, boards.

Twitter profiles.

How It Works?

1. Sign Up

Select the plan that best suits you and set it up.

2. On-boarding Questionnaire

Tell us all about your business and objectives

3. Planning & Preparation

We plan your first month of posts and campaigns.

4. Launch

Your plan goes live 10-days (or the nearest work day) after sign-up.

5. Monthly Review Calls

Provide feedback and tell us anything specific you want us to post over the next month.

6. Reliable Support

Unlimited support via phone and email from your direct point of contact

Your Subscription

Recurring Subscription

Set up a recurring monthly or quarterly subscription when you sign up.

10-Day On-boarding Period

Your plan goes live on the 10th day – or nearest work day – after you sign-up.

20-Day Money-back Guarantee

Get a refund* anytime up to day 20 after signing-up.

30-Day Notice Period

From day 21 onwards, move onto a 30-day notice period. Notify us via email to give notice to cancel.

Are you ready to make social media outsourcing work for you?

Take this quick 1-minute quiz to find out. 👍😍